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WV-BP144 1/3" B/W CCD Camera WV-CP244 1/3" Color CCD DSP Camera
List Price: $159.99
Our Price: $99.99
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List Price: $215.00
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WV-BP144 1/3" B/W CCD Camera WV-CP244 1/3" Color CCD DSP Camera
The WV-BP140 Series black and white cameras emphasize high resolution and sensitivity and employ advanced image adjustment functions producing flexibility. By utilizing a 1/3-type CCD (251,000 pixels), horizontal resolution is 380 lines, with a low 46dB S/N ratio. Minimum illumination of 0.08 lux (0.008 fc) is achieved when used with a F1.4 lens. This camera has various image adjustment functions including Backlight Compensation (BLC) and Electronic Light Control. An ELC function allows for the changing of shutter speeds up to 1/120,000 second. This allows for sharper images, even in limited lighting conditions.
The WV-BP140 Series is the perfect addition for CCTV surveillance applications.
The WV-CP240 Series DSP (Digital Signal Processing) cameras feature high resolution and sensitivity, advanced image adjustment functions, and flexible systems configuration.
By employing a 1/3-type CCD (380,000 pixels), the WV-CP240 series achieves a horizontal resolution of 480 lines, and a signal-to-noise ratio of 50dbB. Minimum illumination is 2 lux (0.2 fx) when used with a F1.4 lens and 0.6 lux (0.06 fc) when used with a F0.75 lens. The camera has various image adjustment functions such as Backlight Compensation (BLC), Aperture Correction, and Auto Tracing White Balance (ATW). This allows the cameras to produce natural looking images even in poor lighting conditions. The Panasonic WV-CP240 Series is ideal for CCTV surveillance applications.
WV-CP254H Camera, Compact, Day/Night WV-NS324 Network Dome - P/T/Z
List Price: $359.99
Our Price: $279.99
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List Price: $2,175.00
Our Price: $1,775.00
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WV-CP254H Camera, Compact, Day/Night WV-NS324 Network Dome - P/T/Z
It is amazing how much performance is packed into the WV-CP254H. The camera measures only 67mm wide by 72.5mm deep (2-5/8 x 2-7/8) yet it packs features and performance you would expect to find on cameras more than twice its size.
The WV-CP254H features Day/Night operation that automatically switches the camera from full color operation to the black and white mode when illumination levels drop, which makes the unit ideal for 24-hour surveillance applications. Additional performance features include a horizontal resolution of 480 lines in color and 570 lines in black-and-white: 50dB signal to noise ratio; minimum illumination of only 1.0 lux(0.1 fc) in color, and 0.15 lux (0.015 fc) in black-and-white at F1.4 lens (optional): Back Light Compensation (BLC), Aperture Correction, Automatic Gain Control (AGC), and Automatic Tracing White Balance (ATW).
The WV-CP254H small size and big features make it the ideal choice for numerous applications. This unit blends into virtually any architectural environment while enhancing the performance of your security system.
The Panasonic WV-NS324 can be connected to both analog and digital networks. Color camera, zoom lens, pan and tilt mechanisms are all combined in a single compact unit. When this camera is connected to an Ethernet network, you can operate it and monitor its images from a personal computer. Or, you can use it with an analog color composite signal as part of your existing surveillance system using coaxial cable. With input from a motion detector or external sensor, it can automatically store images and attach them to e-mail or control external devices to turn on lights or start surveillance recording. Combining a 10x zoom lens with 5x digital zoom, it can zoom in for up to 50x close-ups. It operates in lighting as low as 1.0 lx (0.1fc) and can pan a full 360 degrees. The Flip-A-Chip feature makes it easy to capture subjects passing directly below the camera, the image-hold feature prevents blurring when the camera moves, and pre-set positions simplify operation.
Superb specifications and a host of convenient features make the WV-NS324 ideal for a bank branch, franchise outlet or other network surveillance applications.
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