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 About DVR

1. What is DVR ?

DVR (Digital Video Recording) is a new style of recording system that changes the signal of analog images in CCTV (Closed Circuit elevision) cameras into digital data.  DVR compresses and retrieves the recorded images through the international code of H.263 or MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) so that it can display clear and crisp images. DVR has numerous advantages over conventional CCTV systems.

DVR system characteristics:



  • High speed multi-recording
  • Motion detection
  • Remote camera control
  • Image magnification
  • Editing
  • Permanent data storage
  • Remote surveillance
  • Play-back and record through LAN (Local Area Network), high speed interent connection
    (cable, dsl, etc.) and modem
  • Competitive pricing against existing analog CCTV recording systems. 

  DVR sytem provides the newest surveillance system that can protect against crime and
  reform employee behavior.


2. DVR Internal Architecture

  square02_orange.gif Capture Board
     A device which captures analog image signals and changes them into digital images.

  square02_orange.gif Main Processor
     The CPU (Central Processing Unit) of the DVR which handles image processing and compression.

  square02_orange.gif Storage Device
     Stored devices and media such as hard drives (RAID, IDE, ATA, etc.), DVDs (Digital Video Disc), 
     and CDs (Compact Disc). 

  square02_orange.gif Display Device
    CRT (Cathod Ray Tube) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors.


3. Types of DVR

   DVR Capture Board

  The simplest and most affordable way to a DVR security 
  system.  Install directly into your existing personal computer
  by sliding this board into your computer's PCI slot.  It is
  recommended to install this board into a stable computer
  because the stability of the existing computer will also affect
  the stability of the overall DVR system.  

PC Based DVR


PC-Type DVR System

A DVR box with an installed DVR capture board and operating
system that also includes the PTZ and sensor control function.
All components integrated and fully tested to provide a very
stable system.

Set-top Box DVR (stand alone)

A DVR box designed with elegance and style that can be placed at the business owner's room or security chief's office.  This box is extremely stable because only the necessary parts have been used and all unnecessary or extraneous parts have been excluded. 

Set-Top Box


4. Accessories

square02_orange.gif CCD Camera

Used with DVR boxes or with computers with the DVR board installed, this
camera supports image transmission at 30fps in NTSC and 25fps in PAL.  Each frame is made up of 2 fields.  



square02_orange.gif Voice Control Board

This board will allow voice communication to be executed through
a microphone and speaker.  Since the DVR system is only video, this would make a nice addition to the video only portion of the DVR system.  



square02_orange.gif RX Receiver

A wireless device that is connected to the camera to give full pan/tilt, zoom, and focus control.  It allows the DVR system to remotely control the camera more than half a mile away!

.75 miles approximate
1.2 kilometers



square02_orange.gif Halogen Light

A must have accessory where there is little or no light source.  Not enough illumination will prevent the DVR from recording a clear image.   



square02_orange.gif Pan/Tilt Driver

The pan/tilt driver is a device that contains a motor that attaches to the
camera to allow it to move left, right, up and down.  The user can change
the surveillance area of the camera.  This device is contained in several different types of housing: indoor, outdoor, and explosive resistant.



square02_orange.gif Network Card

The network card allows the DVR system to be connected to a new or
existing computer network.  



square02_orange.gif ETC

Since DVR is video only, speakers can be added for the sound surveillance

We also carry joysticks to give better camera control to the user
microphones for added voice surveillance.  



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